Here’s what’s standing between you and your goals!

Here's what's standing between you and your goals!

I’ve gotta say, living the life that you want and doing it completely your way is NOT for everyone. Especially if you are going to go full out and without compromise. Very few people have it in them. It’s a daunting process and it isn’t easy.

Just for starters you have to navigate what’s standing between you and your goals.

Your friends. Y’know the ones that don’t support you or get what you are doing. Or worse try and belittle what you are doing. Seriously. GET RID OF THESE PEOPLE from your life! You are a product of your environment and become the average of who you surround yourself with. Stick with small thinkers, and become a small thinker.

Your relatives. So you don’t have a choice in who these people are like you do your friends (but you do have a choice in whether you spend time with them or not). Do they support your or sabotage you? Are they as optimistic for your success as you are or do they think you are living on cloud 9?

How about society? The pressure to conform? The way people like you to be just like THEM and not take the road less travelled – there’s safety in numbers after all! Get real. Get a job. It’s hard to make it on your own, so just save yourself time and stress and treat yourself to some security and become one of them (and not one of US!). The need to fit in is going to KILL YOUR DREAMS!

Your own limiting thoughts! Holy hell. You think you haven’t got enough standing in your way with all of the above? No! Let’s throw in your fears. How scary it can get. How you need to work on your self belief every day. How you deal with the knocks to your self esteem when failure hits you (again and again). How dare you try and do this! Who are you to go for your goals? Who do you think you are?! Fear – I’ll show you fear. Fear is taking a step forward with NO GUARANTEE that it will lead to success. Fear will keep you awake at night. Fear will make you feel like you are going mad. Yeah, so you’ve got to deal with yourself as well!

Is it ANY wonder why only a handful of people make it?!

But I’ve got some good news for you. The effort, the sacrifices, the challenges, and the risks taken are all worth the rewards!




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