What has worked for me so far in business & what can work for you too

What has worked for me so far in business & what can work for you too

I want to share with you the things that have worked for me so far so that you can adopt some of these ideas for yourself.

1. Create the mindset of success. Watch your thinking and keep it on track every day. First thing in the morning, last thing at night and every hour in-between.

2. Trust YOURSELF. Trust your ideas. Trust your instincts. Trust your intuition. Don’t try and second guess everything and every one.

3. Give up worry! I gave up worrying about the outcomes, about clients, about money, about the rules, and started ACTING from a place of alignment that I hadn’t acted from for years in my business. Decide right now that worry doesn’t serve you, it has no place in your life and business and starve it out by giving it NO attention.

4. Stop being fearful that you will fail. You may well fail – though I don’t think there’s really any such thing as failure – worse case scenario? For me, it’s dying. I’ll take my chances! Who cares what the WRONG people think? Here’s a great quote from Bob Dylan…. ‘It’s not to anybody’s best interest to think about how they will be perceived tomorrow. It hurts you in the long run.’

5. Be yourself. However you are in private, BE THAT PERSON IN PUBLIC. Allow people to get to know you. Drop the barriers. This is YOU. Show us! Tell us. What do you think? How do you feel? What’s your story? What’s your battles? Where are your wounds? What’s your experience? What do you know? What do you believe? What can you teach us? What do you think of your industry? SHOW US SOMETHING!

6. Help people. It’s easy. Just help people. Give away your best stuff. Give it all. Be the one who doesn’t hold back stuff in reserve. You can do that in your blog posts, your videos, your pocasts, twitter, facebook, groups, linkedin, where ever there are people who need your kind of help.

7. Cut the crap. That means cutting the crappy people out of your life too! Do the most important work every day. 80% of your time should be spent doing the things you love, with the clients you love and that gets you 80% of your results. Do some analysis and I’ll put money on it that picking out pretty pictures for your blog post isn’t going to rocket you to success.

8. Do the stuff that matters. I’ve fine tuned this. THIS is what I do every day. Create free content and give it away in my blog/newsetter/facebook, youtube etc. that teaches, inspires, helps, or motivates. I’m always selling. I ALWAYS offer something for sale (see below!) – and guess what – my sales increase! it’s just like magic, but it isn’t. It’s just taking consistent action.

9. Did I mention, always be selling?! 😉 If you would like my BUSINESS AND LIFE CHANGING programme; From Full Time To Free Time – Create your dream life and business  then check out ALL the TRANSFORMATIVE training here.



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She left her ‘cubicle cage’ and made a break for freedom to follow her passions to today, empowering women to step away from the norm, break the rules and follow their passions.

Her work has been featured in print, TV and radio such as The Guardian, BBC, Radio 4, Time Out NYC, The Telegraph, BBC Radio Wales, and she has worked with national and international brands.

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