There are no specific steps to success

There are no specific steps to success

As I was taking in the art at the Tate in London on Saturday, and marvelling at what it must feel like to have your work chosen and displayed to the public, these words came to mind…

‘There are no specific steps to success’

In fact, I got out my phone and emailed that sentence to myself as I knew it was something important to talk about with you, especially if you are in the process of looking for, or applying, ‘steps’, or some sort of ‘formula’ to your success.

I know what that’s like. I’ve searched for, paid for and applied ‘steps’ on my journey.

Not at first though.

Ten years ago when I started my first business as a professional dominatrix, I just did what I liked. I used to say ‘I hadn’t a clue what I was doing’ in terms of ‘marketing’ and running a business, and I used to say it like it was a disadvantage, but in reality, it was the perfect way to start.

It was only later when I became a professional photographer that the first inkling of looking for the ‘rules’ came into play.

Then when I became a social media and marketing teacher (and those subjects themselves are FULL of rules and steps and systems!), that I became even more focused on finding the steps that would take me further into success. It was like searching for the holy grail! And as exhausting as you can imagine.

Now, as you know, what I do is simply; wake up, be me, have fun, do business and make money. I make money by being me, which I’ve always done in the last decade, but I’ve dropped the ‘answer searching’ in favour of trusting that I have the answer myself and I always have; and that answer is to be me fully, express myself freely, share my knowledge, help people create their lives of freedom, have fun along the way and to say to hell with all the ‘rules’.

Just because you follow the rules, steps or formulas there is no guarantee of success. Hell, even if you are brave enough to listen to yourself and take aligned action, there is no guarantee even. But with no guarantee either way, what way would you rather live?

Think of the great leaders before us who had a calling to change the world and impact lives. Do you think they followed a set of ‘steps’? Did they apply ‘formulas’? You bet they didn’t.

Taking action and doing what you are here to do and doing what you know you must do beats any amount of effort looking for and applying steps. Plus steps and formulas rob you of finding your own way – and at the end of the day, there is ONLY ever YOUR OWN WAY.

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There are no specific steps to success

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