How to be a good online entrepreneur

How to be a good online entrepreneur

1. Read all the books and blue-prints and study all the strategies. This is a must.

2. Follow all the steps in the books, blue-prints and strategies. Do not waiver. This is important. Failing to do so is setting yourself up for failure.

4. Make sure you have a logo. Calling yourself an entrepreneur and you haven’t got a logo? Get real.

5. Consult your friends, family, and everyone on facebook about the colours you want to use.

6. When writing your blog posts ALWAYS count the words. Too little and you’ve blown it. Likewise with too few.

7. You must have a picture in every blost post. preferably at the top. If not, then the middle, but definitely one by the end.

Example of a good image to use in  your blog post.

Example of a good image to use in your blog post.

8. Listen to your voice of doubt – that really was a crap blog post wasn’t it? Delete it. Try again next month.

9. Tweet at 7.37am, 14.46pm and 20:19pm. Exactly! There’s no room for spontaneity in twitter-land. Time it, schedule it, and get the most bang for your buck. Hold on! Sorry, I mean DON’T schedule it. Bad things happen when you schedule tweets. I can’t remember what, but THEY say don’t schedule so you’d better listen to them.

10. Sound nice, and pleasant, 0pen and friendly. You want aim for as professional an image as possible to attract the most amount of people to your business. You can make a joke here and there to show your personality but remember to keep it tame so you don’t offend anyone.

11. Don’t send out your newsletters more than once a week. Ideally at 8pm on a Thursday. Can you believe it, I know someone (who I’ll keep anonymous to save publicly embarrassing her) who sends newsletters ONCE A DAY (and she doesn’t even CARE what time of day!), and sometimes (you won’t believe me, but it’s true!) 3 or FOUR times a day. How she is still in business I have no idea. So DON’T do that for heaven’s sake!

12. Don’t take too many risks. Limit your risks. Like, a lot. You want to think about how you can build your business in increments. If you takes risks you increase the chance of failure – and then you’ll face public ridicule as a big entrepreneurial flop.

13. Make sure you add these rules to all the other rules you follow too.

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