I found FREEDOM at the car wash

I found FREEDOM at the car wash

Today I’m about to hit the road for the next 5 weeks (at least!). My car is packed to the hilt with everything I want to bring with me (which included the kitchen sink!) as I start a house/petting/laptop life adventure around the UK! The sun is shining. Today is a GOOD DAY.

In preparation for my adventures I took my car, Bumble, to have the VIP treatment and she was cleaned inside and out and make all sparkly and shiny. This took about took about 20 minutes and as there was no-where else to go I just stood nearby and got lost in my thoughts and a wave of gratitude came over me.

It was one of those Perfect Moments.

Yes, at a car wash! lol

But I was right where I wanted to be. It was a Wednesday morning, the sun was out and it was quite cold. I enjoyed the freshness of the breeze and felt FREE.

No-one had told me I had to be there.
No-one was telling me where I had to be next.
No-one was going to check I’d done my task properly.

When I was feeling stuck (and depressed!) doing the work that sucked the soul out of me, what I would have given to be ANYWHERE but in that office – even a car wash! The word freedom would repeat over and over in my mind.

I’ve been creating my life of FREEDOM for 10 years (or even longer really). That’s when I broke free to follow my passions.

Freedom is on my mind a lot because, I think, of the fact that I’ve been doing this, me, following my passions for a DECADE (and I’m so freaking proud of that).

I haven’t got to this stage without taking a risk. A lot of risks. Big risks. Leaps into the unknown without a parachute. Risks that ‘most people’ would think crazy. I’ve pushed myself to my limits at times, certainly mentally, and I found out how strong I am and how much I am serious about the life of FREEDOM that I want.

You don’t need to make a deal with the devil in order to have the life you want. You need to make a deal with the WORLD.

I couldn’t be here now without being willing to risk it all. A common trait amongst successful people is that they have LEAPED.

They have taken risks. You have to be willing to risk it all and go after it like your life depends upon it because if your life DOESN’T depend on it, you’ve chosen the wrong thing.

The successful people haven’t tip-toed safely to where they want to be whilst waiting for the right time, waiting for permission, waiting to be ready.

To get to the life/business/success/money/fulfillment that you want, you are going to have to make some leaps of faith.

When you make a deal with the world, the universe, that this is it and you are in this NO MATTER WHAT and you WILL NOT BACK down, then life, the universe, whatever you want to call it takes you seriously and then conspires IN YOUR FAVOUR.

You have to leap before you see the net. EVERY single time I’ve laid it on the line, as scary as it’s been, the net has appeared. That’s when you have to have belief, that’s when you will be tested, that’s when you have to TRUST.

Depressed and suicidal? Check.
No money for food? Check
Threatening letters through the door? Check.
Close to losing my home? Check.
Believing that I’ll have to live in my car (but believing if that’s what I have to do, if that’s my journey, if that’s what I have to go through I’ll do it) Check.
Doing it all without support of a partner/husband? Check.

You get the idea…

Every time I stood up to the world, and whatever struggles were happening at that time, and said NO MORE – you can do what you like, you can throw what you want at me I AM NOT BACKING DOWN, the world backs off and the tide turns.

Fortune favours the brave. It does. Take a risk. LEAP already!

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