My Creed For A Creative Life Of Freedom

My Creed For A Creative Life Of Freedom

I wrote this some months ago whilst travelling around. Sometime’s I marvel at the life of freedom I’ve created for myself and I’m honoured to be able to help others along the way.

I wrote this for myself but I want to share it with you now.

Do not compromise – Anything that take me away from my purpse is secondary and is not important. Not not prioritise the unimportant.

Never, ever give up. Be relentless when faced with obstacles. They will come, and they will go.

I always have everything I need to do the work that I’m here to do.

Be prepared to be challenged. I’m not doing what 99% of people do and many won’t understand or may even feel jealous. That’s ok.

Do what it takes and never stop taking risks. 11 years in business and you’ve been broke and nearly broken but you’ve been able to live the way you’ve wanted to live, and live like most people can’t or won’t. Risk it all for your freedom. Again. And again if neccessary.

Ultimately, it’s down to you and only you. Take full responsibility for everything.

Continually cast away that which doesn’t fit; actions, people, objects. Refine and make room for your life.

If you are seeking a life of freedom, following your passions, where you get to design the life you want, I hope this creed will help you on your journey to freedom.

If you want my help in creating a life of freedom, following your purpose then book on one of my 1:1 days with me before Christmas either in person in Birmingham or Glastonbury or on Skype. There is a £500 discount before the 18th December.

If you are ready for change. I’m ready to help you. Get in touch today.
Believe more is possible,

My Creed For A Creative Life Of Freedom



My Creed For A Creative Life Of Freedom

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