Let’s Work So We Can PLAY?

Let's Work So We Can PLAY?

When I had jobs, and wasn’t doing the work I am here to do, and I was putting up with awkward colleagues (you know what I mean, right?!), I saw WORK as WORK and PLAY as PLAY

Two TOTALLY different activities.

And there were also two Karens; one that had to conform at work, tow the line, try and fit in (but always failed) and who earned the money so the other Karen could…


At the time I was such a long way from realising that IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY!


It’s ALLOWED to be fun. Every day.

Life is MEANT to be fun every day.

Fun ISN’T just something that you save for the weekends, or that you try and squeeze into the evenings if you aren’t too exhausted from selling your soul, and swapping huge chunks of your life under someone else’s beck and call. Or, being under someone else’s OWNERSHIP.


If this is the situation you are in right now, you can make another choice.

If you have BROKEN FREE from having a boss but you are still filling your days with stuff you DON’T LIKE DOING – Stop it.

It’s totally possible to create a life where you…

Wake up
Be you
Have fun
Do business
And make money…

…doing what you LOVE.

Give yourself the FREEDOM to have the life you want.

You aren’t a victim.
You aren’t a martyr.
You aren’t a puppet here to dance to someone else’s tune!

Every minute you spend on something you don’t like doing, with people you don’t like is a minute ROBBED from your life and you ain’t getting it back.

Create a life where you have fun every day, where you have FREEDOM and choice.

If I can do it, YOU CAN TOO!

Every day I get to…

Wake up
Be me
Have fun
Do business
And make money.

Because that’s a CHOICE that I’ve made.

Here’s what today looks like…

I’ll do my work – which doesn’t feel like work because I’m DOING WHAT I LOVE and I’ve REFUSED to spend my life doing stuff that I don’t love.

My work is this, this blog post, update or email you are reading. THIS is what I was inspired to write about this morning, so here it is.

I will also sell something. Below you can see a couple of POWERFUL events you can take part in, and I’ve just announced a 1:1 day with me in Birmingham on 21st March to help you create a life of FREEDOM AND FUN, making money doing what you LOVE.

I will have a 60 minute call with a client; empowering people is what I do best and we will do life-changing work together.

I will then do some ‘out-reach’ ‘work’ (I’m going to have to think of a better word that work as it’s so often associated with miserable graft.) That means I’ll be getting in touch with new people who I want to connect with and see if there is potential to collaborate.

I’ll get my work-out in and by then it’ll be midday and I fancy taking myself out for the rest of the day. I’m currently on my laptop adventure in the countryside and there are lots of places to explore near here.

Let's Work So We Can PLAY?

Will I stop working? No! My mind never stops! This is my life’s work and I’m OBSESSED. Find something YOU ARE OBSESSED with! So I will do whatever springs to mind whilst I’m checking out the new scene and getting inspired.

Tonight I’ll maybe act on any inspired idea (I don’t plan and think and wonder, I take ACTION), and/or I’ll continue my ‘out-reach’ work and there’ll be a glass of wine in hand and probably some sort of movie or documentary playing in the back-ground.

And so will end another day of PLAY!

YOU get to decide what YOUR play looks like.

Work can be play. It SHOULD be play.

Take control and PLAY EVERYDAY.

If you want my help then talk to me about working with me privately. 

We will design your ideal life and implement it straight away.

We will lock-in HOW you are going to make money from being you and following your PASSIONS.

We will eradicate the crap that is holding you back so you can make room for the LIFE that you WANT!

The truth is you can have the life you want, a life of fun and freedom, but you have to be willing to massive action.

We aren’t dipping our toes in here, this is a full-on immersion into the life you want.

You don’t have to figure it all out on your own.

It’s time to STOP doing the work that doesn’t matter and START stepping into alignment with who are and ADMIT AND OWN it. This is your life we are talking about.

Big change can happen fast.

Let’s get your life of PLAY mapped out, let’s face your challenges, and let’s lock it IN.

I can help you create you life of play and fun FAST.

If your heart is saying YES to this then don’t miss out. Email me karenstrunks@gmail.com

You can do this. I can help. There is no excuse not to have the life you want, right now.

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