Don’t live someone else’s journey

Don't live someone else's journey

Whatever your path in life is and whatever plans you have, it’s important, very important, not to live someone else’s journey.

What do I mean?

When we strike out and do something, make our own decisions, create our OWN lives, OTHER people will have all sort opinions about it. They will tell you what THEY think your journey should look like.

Now, it could be because it they interfering busy bodies.

It could be because they care and are worried (do NOT take on other people’s worry!).

They could think that they know better than you.

Whatever the reason, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that IF you start taking on other people’s advice, thoughts, ideas and beliefs about what YOUR journey will look like you will end up going off course on YOUR TRUE JOURNEY. Instead, you’ll end up on a mis-match of a journey made up by what you want AND what other people want you to do as well.

The result of that will be that at the end of your life you won’t know whose journey you have been on, but it won’t have fully been your own.

And wouldn’t that be the saddest thing of all?

If you want my help in supporting your life of freedom, doing what you love, on YOUR terms, then email me and let’s talk about getting you on track for your own no compromise dream life and business, where you call the shot and follow your own unique path!

Believe more is possible.

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Laptop life! 

It’s an ever-changing view. I’m now in Devon in a village near Exeter with views for miles over fields and hills. It’s idyllic here. The house I’m living in is out of this world! And the grounds even has it’s own cave – at last, I get to be a REAL hermit! haha.

Make sure you are following me on snapchat for more ‘behind the scenes’ of my laptop life and work! I’m karenstrunks there.

I can’t tell you how upset I was to leave Glastonbury. I couldn’t stop crying on the day I was leaving. I just did not want to go and I stayed right up until the last minute before I had to leave. I’ve stayed in many towns and villages since beginning this laptop life, but I’ve never been sad to leave them to the point of tears.

Don't live someone else's journey
Still, the journey continues and now I’m at my new place, I’m happy to be here, but that’s not to say me and Glastonbury won’t become better acquainted in the future!

Karen x

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