Invitation to my success masterclass. Birmingham. 10th June.

Invitation to my success masterclass. Birmingham. 10th June.

I hope your week is being awesome!

Do you want to know how to master you confidence, work smarter and how to master your the success mindset that is going to enable you to reach your goals?

You do?!


Then I invite you to join me for my masterclass on 10th June 1pm for 1:30 start. Though I’ll be there from midday if you want to come and hang out earlier! And if you want to attend the whole day, and the awards ceremony, just let myself or WEA know. 

I’ve been invited to speak at the WEA (Worker’s Educational Association) at their West Midlands Volunteer Celebration Awards and I have secured a FEW places so that I can invite YOU along too!

Places are limited so if this is a YES to you, commit and make it a done deal asap! You can either tweet @WEAWM and ask them to reserve your place, of if you hit reply to this email and let me know you are IN, I’ll give them your name and email so your place is secured.

Here’s the breakdown of what I’m covering in the masterclass:

Speaking with confidence: How to own your authentic voice, trust that it’s OK to be you, match your beliefs with your actions and the outcome you desire. And how to use the power of personal development to empower your voice.

Working smarter: How to squeeze the juice out of every day in work life and personal life. I’ll be talking time management, how to be uber productive, how to do the work that matters to get the fastest results, as well as addressing what isn’t important and what to cut out to leave room for more productive activities and success.

Working digitally: The power of digital. The importance of getting up to speed with the internet and how to use it as a powerful platform for the results you want to change your life and work, and even change the lives of others.

Mastering the mindset for success: Your mindset is vital for success in any area. I’ll show you how to set your mind up for success every day to transform your life.

Sounds life-changing, right?!

It will be.

Act fast and get your place booked in and don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Laptop Life Update! 

It’s time to start packing up again. I’m hitting the road tomorrow and heading to Worcestershire.

I’m a little sad to move on; I haven’t seen and done everything (but would I ever?!). I am blown away by the countryside here and the amazing views. I’m definitely going to stay in the Cotswolds again. It’s so beautiful!

I’ve realised how much views matter to me. I like BIG skies. Luckily the next place (and the places thereafter) will give me gorgeous views in nature, and of course, I’ll take you with me and share what’s happening!

I guess if I’ve got to find a downside to moving on, it’s that I can lose a day to packing up, travelling and unpacking. Even though I don’t mind doing it, (and what choice have I got), and I enjoy the travelling part too (I’ve got some personal development CD’s to listen to in the car now – whooop!), it’s also not the best use of my time. I’m hardly in the zone of genius whilst packing bags haha.

Invitation to my success masterclass. Birmingham. 10th June.

Someone asked me yesterday…

‘When do you take your hoidays?’

The truth, and my reply was…

‘My life is one big HOLIDAY’.

And then I was compelled to have a RANT. You can tune into it here!

Ok! I’d better get my bags packed.

Remember, believe more is possible!

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