Technicolor Living – And some changes are a-coming!

Technicolor Living - And some changes are a-coming!

Technicolor Living was on my mind this morning as I woke up on a dull, rainy morning here in the UK after a night of technicolor dreams.

What does Techicolor Living mean?

It means living in FULL EXPRESSION of yourself;
who you are, what you stand for,
what you have to say,
how you want to look.

It means living in FULL EXPRESSION of every part of you.

We aren’t born into this life to shrink down and conform. We are born free and we are here to LIVE FREELY too.

Technicolor Living - And some changes are a-coming!

On Friday I had a conversation with my like-minded entrepreneur friend (if you haven’t got one of those make one and keep one!) who is on her own mission in life to make massive change that will impact millions. We were talking about freedom, and what it means to us, especially since we’ve both come from a background of being employees. We were talking about how much we could be paid to give our freedom up – we couldn’t think of a figure.

We work hard for our freedom. Harder than we ever did as employees.

Sometimes it’s the smallest things we appreciate the most; like being able to wake-up naturally without the jarring noise of an alarm clock. It can strike you at any moment. I mean, I even had a big ‘moment’ at a car wash!

We also agreed that even though we have big goals, it’s who we become in pursuit of those goals that is a major thing.

I get so excited when I think about what I’ve gone through to get to this stage in life and everything I’ve learned. If I had chosen the safe option, I would never have discovered who I truly am, what matters to me the most and what I am made of and capable of. It’s the same for you too.

I’ll die for my freedom. I’ll go to prison for my freedom. Sooner that than put my freedom in someone else’s hands ever again.

That’s what most people don’t get. It’s something that’s running inside of you, through every cell of your being and when you have created true freedom in life, you will never let it go. There IS NO going back.

I feel a transformation coming again. Coincidently I’ve been feeling this ever since the night of the Super Moon and my ‘f*ck it‘ blog post. I feel another level of freedom and self-expression is here, which I welcome with open arms.

As you may of heard me say when talking about freedom, I’ve known there IS another level but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was, or how it would look or feel. The answer is coming to me now.

Here’s one of the changes that’s going to happen…. People still look to me for the rules (of business, of marketing, of sales) and I’m not a teacher of rules. That’s why I walked away from teaching social media and marketing – it’s full of rules, and I was teaching them. Which I enjoyed whilst I did it but as soon as I didn’t enjoy it any more and I realised the thing I wasn’t enjoying was because I was teaching rules, I stopped.

And I’m drawing the line in the sand again here, today. Don’t ask me to teach you the rules of business. Or the rules for anything else come to that.

I can tell you MY way of doing things. I’m happy to tell you about MY experiences and what’s worked and what hasn’t. I’m happy to share my lessons. But don’t look to me for ‘How to’ guides, blueprints, strategies or ‘steps’ for business.

None of those things represent what I am about; living a life of FREEDOM, following your passions, rebelling against the rules and truly living a life on YOUR TERMS. 

Also, just because you emulate what I do, it doesn’t mean that you will experience the same success.


It’s YOUR MINDSET you need to develop and expand.
It’s about giving yourself PERMISSION to be free to be YOU.
It’s about being brave and bold and doing things that scare you even though you FEEL they are the right things to do, even if it doesn’t make sense!

There are 1000’s upon 1000’s of people out there that can teach you all the rules and all the steps until your pretty heart is content (I’m not one of them), but it means NOTHING without the mindset and the willingness to TAKE FEARLESS ACTION.

I’m not born for a ‘normal’ life and I’m certainly not going to tick all the boxes when it comes to doing business. I’m unconventional. I don’t follow the rules. I rebel against anything or anyone that hints at conformity, and there’s a very good chance you are the same if you are reading this.

When you have a life of freedom – which you do. Take it and LIVE IT. In ALL it’s glory.

So, what will the changes bring? I’m going with my inspiration and following my passions of course.

There will be…

Writing – I’ll be resuming the writing of my memoir. It’s changed direction a couple of time and now I have a clearer vision of what it will look like, what purpose I want it to have and how I want it to help people. It started off as an autobiography of my time as a professional dominatrix, and although I will talk about that, it’s no longer it’s main theme. Unless I change my mind again as I write it of course!

Art – I want to be an artist. In fact, the same friend I mentioned earlier were joking around and setting ‘crazy’ deadlines and goals and I declared on 1st October 2036 my art will be in the Guggenheim NYC. Put the date in your diary. You are invited! I have the image of my first painting I want to create strongly in my mind. My garage will be my studio and I’ll be selling my work.

Performance – I haven’t quite figured this one out, but it comprises of using myself as a canvas, burlesque, make-up and combining those things to produce something alternative. It will bring together my passion for make-up (I bet you didn’t know I qualified as a make-up artist!), photography, Burlesque (which harks back to my dominatrix days as that was pretty much my favourite look).  Who knows how all this will take shape, but it’ll be fun!
Money – I’ll be continuing with my mission to empower more women about their money mindset and how to become financially independent.

Collaborations – I don’t do too many of these at the moment, but I am open to exploring this area with the right person/people/organisation etc.

Speaking – I will still be giving talks at events and conferences and sharing my experiences and inspiring audiences.

AND I’ll still be doing what I’m doing now; helping you to create YOUR life of freedom!

Whilst I’m here I also want to tell you about some of the people who inspire me. Most of these people have inspired me for many years with the exception of Mae West, Elly Clarke and Die Antwoord who have only been on my radar for a year or so. I’d love to hear who inspired YOU. Let me know!

Technicolor Living - And some changes are a-coming!
Top Row L-R Elly ClarkePeaches, Princess SuperstarDiamanda Galas

Bottom Row L-R Die AntwoordMae WestSiouxsie Sioux, Me (ha)

Yes, I like their art and how it manifests (even though I don’t always fully understand it), but it’s also their ATTITUDE that inspires me. The inspiration is in the energy they put out as well as their words and actions. If any of these people weren’t living in full expression of themselves, they wouldn’t have the impact they have on the world.

So, I’m all set for my empire and life expansion and the continued following of my passions in whatever form they take and helping more unconventional women do the same!

For anyone who says you have to ‘niche’ or if you are feeling too scared to change, watch this space, I’ll show you how it’s done.

I’m going to be holding my LAST VIP Day of 2016 soon. If you want my help in stepping into your power, following your passions unapologetically so you can live your life in full expression of who you are and what you stand for get in touch and we can shape up your 2017; from how your life will look and feel, to what you will be doing and how you will make money and brand yourself in the most beautifully, unconventional, rebellious way!

You can come and meet up with me in Birmingham or London. If this day has your name on it, then get in touch today! Email to get the details

Believe more is possible.

Technicolor Living - And some changes are a-coming!

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