Nothing stays the same

Nothing stays the same

This is for you if you are feeling stuck right now. If you are frustrated or in despair by your circumstances, or by your lack of progress read on…

I want you to know that the power to change your circumstances is within you. It’s ONLY within your power. You cannot hope and pray and wait for some outside influence to come along and make the changes for you. Everything begins with you; in your belief, in your attitude and in your actions.

I remember all the times over the years when I felt stuck and DESPERATE for change. I’d get so angry with the world; why couldn’t I have what I wanted? Why did it have to be so hard? It just didn’t feel fair. But by being in victim mode, I wasn’t helping myself at all. Whilst looking at angrily at the world and blaming outside forces for everything that was wrong, I was being a true victim.

NOW, I’m grateful for every hardship I’ve been through. Each hardship teaches us a lesson and makes us stronger. The greatest amount of growth we go through is when times are challenging. It’s then that we learn what we are made of, what we can withstand (SO much more that we realise), and how we build a strong foundation to build our success upon.

Whatever you are going through right now is temporary. Never give up on your dreams and vision for your life no matter the circumstances you find yourself in at this present moment. Your circumstances can change within an instant – the moment YOU change. Whether that’s a change in mindset, a change in your beliefs, a change in what you will tolerate for yourself, a change in your actions – believe that when YOU change, your circumstances will change too.

It’s a big world out there and you have a million possibilities in front of you every day; you are the creator of your life and of your experience of it.

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Believe more is possible,

Nothing stays the same

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