Self-Respect & Money

Self-Respect & Money

There are many ways to measure the respect we have for ourselves and money is one of them.

Let’s talk about your bank balance, your clients and your self-respect.

You won’t attract clients who respect your services and prices until YOU have learned to respect yourself and your money.

If you don’t feel confident in asking for money, then why should clients feel confident in giving you money?

If you don’t respect your own boundaries around money (if you have any), then you can expect others to push those boundaries (late paying clients, discount-asking clients, trade-asking clients etc).

When I started my first business as a dominatrix, you can bet I had my boundaries set around money, but as I went into a more mainstream business, photography, my boundaries began to dissolve. As that happened, I began attracting more problematic clients; the late payers, the ones that wasted a lot of time, you know the type. In that respect one of the BIGGEST changes I made was to employ a payment in advance policy….

I see so many entrepreneurs moaning about late paying clients. It causes so much stress and anxiety but it DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY!

I don’t care of the client is an individual or a global band – if they want to work with you, they will find a way to do it. Now big brands aren’t usually set up to pay in advance but they CAN do it. I’ve done just that myself with big brands. Just stand your ground and state YOUR payment terms.

So…I want to ask you…

What have you done to respect your money goals lately?

What have you done to respect your bank account lately?

What have you done to respect your money MINDSET lately?

Take the actions and form the habits of a women who shows respect for herself AND her finances today.

Self-Respect & Money Self-Respect & Money

Self-Respect & Money

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Self-Respect & Money

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