Who Do You Want In Your Life?

Who Do You Want In Your Life?

This is a reminder that you can have exactly the right people in your life.


You decide who makes you feel ALIVE!

You decide who understands and supports you.

You decide who you can help and how they can help themselves.

You decide who makes you feel GREAT to be around.

You decide what your standards are with regards to the people you allow you into you life.

Like this.

I want the relentlessly positive, the fighters, the actions takers, the ones who are willing to do to what it takes.

I want the ones that will live and die for their dreams and who will face their fears and leap into the unknown.

I want the ones that take responsibility for their lives, who believe in magic, who believe in THEIR magic to create their reality.

I want the ones who are willing to stand in their power, in their knowledge, and not be swayed about who they are and what they stand for, even in (especially in) the face of adversity and challenges from life and other people.

I want the ones who realise we are here for a nano second and that it’s our DUTY to make the most of this life and that’s it’s our DUTY to follow the calling inside our hearts and SOULS.

I want the ones who live life on multiple levels; the worldly, the spiritual, the magical, the mystical, the physical.

I want the ones who will burn their flame brightly so that they will light the way for others.

Who do YOU want?

Say it. Take charge. They are there. They are there waiting for you.

Who Do You Want In Your Life? Who Do You Want In Your Life?

Who Do You Want In Your Life?

Do you know that you are destined for a greater life, where you not only get to fulfil your desires, but also in doing so impact others? Then my Souls Desires day is for YOU!


THIS day is about unleashing the power and knowing that you have inside of you so you can actually have a greater impact on your own life and the world beyond so that you can impact others in the most transformational way.


This day is about LIBERATING YOURSELF from the beliefs and blocks that hold you back from living a totally ALIGNED LIFE where you are not only attuned to your passion and purpose but also LIVING by your passion and purpose EVERY DAY.


This is unlike ANY other event I’ve offered before and there is no better place to hold this Soul Desires Day than at the magical town of GLASTONBURY; the heart chakra of the world. Glastonbury is filled with an energy that is tangible, seeped in history and home to a spiritual and religious melting pot and IT is the PERFECT place for healing and for tapping into YOUR Soul’s Desire. Only £250! More info here!

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