How To Create The Space To Allow Your True Life In

How To Create The Space To Allow Your True Life In

In the space, life appears.

People cram their lives with stuff. People. Activities. Busyness. Overflowing schedules. Distractions.

They are scared to stop and let life in.

One of the mysteries of life is that you don’t know what it has in store for you; what adventures await, what the next chapter is. But there’s one way of blocking the natural revelation of who you are meant to be, what you are meant to do, and where you are meant to go and that is to fill up every ‘gap’ in your life with ‘untrue’ life.

Untrue life consists of what your friends are doing, how society says you must live, what your family thinks you should do, what you see people do on tv, the way your neighbours live.. All the ways to live except the way that is true for YOU.

Never be afraid to create the space to let your true life in.

Often when we don’t know our next step, instead of waiting and tuning in, we force something that is not quite right and we start along a different path.

As conscious creators, as the true designer of our lives and our experiences, one of the ways to let your life in is to TRUST the world. Believe and know that the world is there to support you. Trust in the universe and put your trust and faith in something greater than yourself.

Don’t be afraid to let go, create space, allow time.

As 2018 ended and I began to look to 2019, it felt right for me to create space for life to come in. I deliberately didn’t make any plans. I wanted to leave the whole of the month free from commitments. I told friends and family not to expect to see me. January was going to be a month to be, allow and create the space to let life in. As the month went by I naturally felt like connecting and I added a couple of social occasions in, but under no pressure or obligation.

Will you let your true life in?

Will you allow the space for your true nature to live through you?

Part of allowing life in is a continual stripping away. Layer after layer. Of what?

Of aspects of yourself that no longer serve you; mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually.

Of things and belongings that are weighed down with an energy that is no longer a match.

Of people that, friends and even family, that aren’t raising you up on your journey.

It’s a constant process; assessing, tuning in, accepting or rejecting what is right and what isn’t right for you. With each decision you can further let life in, or block out the mysteries it has in store for you.

Create the space and let life in.

How To Create The Space To Allow Your True Life In



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