Getting Over A Breakup

Getting Over A Breakup

Should you block him?

Are you obsessively checking for messages and updates?

Could you even be accused of stalking your ex on social media?

Does it feel like it’s taking up your days, and your life, and you are heartbroken and you are wondering ‘Should I block my ex?’

Stayed tuned because I’m going to be answering your questions and helping you reclaim your life, get over heartbreak so you can create a life you fall in love with.

This isn’t an easy one by any means, but when you are suffering the trauma of heartbreak it really is time to take control.–rRtjI

This isn’t an easy situation to tackle at all, especially when you are missing your ex, reeling from the break up and you can’t stop thinking about him.

We are like junkies with every hit of adrenaline that our social media notifications give us – and on that note, turn OFF all pings and bells and notifications on your phone. That’s a good habit anyway, but even more so right now.

In my experience, I had to block my ex because he kept contacting me, and he must have felt that the doors of communication were still open. He would message me all of the time.

With behaviour like that, it puts you under pressure to reply. Although my relationship was full of darkness and toxicity (I didn’t realise until it was months in that I was dealing with a covert narcissist and the relationship was built on his lies and cheating), it didn’t end badly. So in a way – in my trauma addled mind – it felt like it was a bit ‘extreme’ to block him.

I thought I could handle it, when with hindsight, I only prolonged the agony.

I also realised that my ex was trying to hide his activity on instagram and let me tell you, what I saw shocked me! It was so far removed from the man he made himself out to be. His instagram activity was VILE without exaggeration. It was horrible to see. Disturbing.

I know what it’s like to be confronted online with something you would have been better off not witnessing. You might just see something that you don’t want to and it can not only spoil your day but it can also set you back in your recovery. Don’t take the risk because your recovery is WAY more important than anything your ex might post.

You might also want to put your profiles onto private – if you don’t have to use social media for work like I do.

Ultimately… you’ve got to block.

This is NOT a time to play games, blocking/unblocking. Or using blocking as a way to punish him or exact revenge.

This is about creating a HEALTHY environment for you to heal from the heartbreak and move on from

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If you are in pain right now and you want to take your recovery seriously, then blocking your ex is a way to honour the process, as difficult as it is.

If you want to increase your chance of recovery and eliminate the risk of relapse then you have to block.

I know it’s so hard. I’ve been where you are now after a very traumatic relationship and the break up that followed.

When I broke up with my ex, there was no screaming or shouting, none of that anger or vitriol. It was like a long-slow drawn out death and each time I broke up with him – it took me 8 times over 4 months – it got HARDER AND HARDER and my mental health declined each time…

However, every time I broke up with him, within hours, or sometimes a day or two, he would reach out on social media by ‘liking’ something, or sending a short message as if to say, “Here I am.Don’t forget about me. I see you”.

I didn’t realise at the time, but narcissists don’t have any boundaries, so they can’t and won’t respect yours.

So it wasn’t as though he was leaving me horrible comments, but it was a daily reminder that he was still in my life, and still in contact with me.

It was hard for me, staying in touch on social media. I remember after the last time we broke up that he did a self-portrait of himself with a broken heart (he’s an artist). It broke MY heart to see it, and because I’m very empathetic, I felt all the emotions because MY heart was breaking. It hit all my buttons and I want to reach out and comfort him. It was really hard to hold back. In fact, I think I did reach out and ‘liked’ it.

I want you to spend your precious time, energy and life force on yourself and your healing.

Are you feeling fear around this? It’s totally natural. Change is hard, and feeling as though you are putting a more definite closure on proceedings may feel too final.

I want you to become aware of fear talking. Remember, the world is an abundant place. Everything is energy and when you set stronger boundaries you allow space for the next chapter of your life to come in.

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Believe more is possible,

Getting Over A Breakup

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