A Recipe For Success In Life

A Recipe For Success In Life

This is a really simple and yet powerful equation that will help you bring about the success, freedom, wealth and happiness that you want in your life.

When was the last time you checked in with your core values?

Do you know what your core values currently are?

This is something worth doing on a regular basis as you may find that you have moved on, or grown out of, past core values and yet you may still be holding onto them out of habit. Certainly, my own core values have moved and changed over time.

I would highly encourage you to write down your core values: write notes for yourself, set them as your screen saver on your phone, and add reminders for yourself about your current core values so they stay fresh in your mind.

It’s really, REALLY important that you live by your core values if you want to live a life of alignment.

Life is SO much easier when have a strong sense of self and what is truly important to you in life.

The next stage is to introduce the EMOTIONS that drive you forwards. These are typically emotional like happiness, excitement, confidence, peace, love…

For example, if you frequently experience feelings of anger, annoyance, frustration or envy you will want to start looking at moving away from those emotions towards more motivating and positive emotions. This means that you will need to identify what will bring about these positive emotions.

So! Where are you heading?

What have you got planned?

What are you lining up for yourself?

This is about identifying your goals in life; the ones that make your FEEL something good (like happiness and excitement).

Once you have connected with your core values (pick your top 3 or 5), and you have identified the emotional states that give you forwards momentum, it’s time to combine these two elements, because in doing so, they are going to help you create a life of alignment.

And believe me, when you are aligned, life gets a whole lot easier.

If you would like to work with me 1:1 over the next 30 days to turn your life around, and if you are ready to do the work and take positive steps towards the life you dream of, then PM me today and let’s talk about the ways in which I can help you. karenstrunks@gmail.com

It’s time to embody who you truly are in a deep and authentic way.

Believe more is possible,

A Recipe For Success In Life

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