There Is A Cost To Negative Thinking

There Is A Cost To Negative Thinking

People who can think positively are outliers.

The majority of people operate from a place of fear and lack often with catastrophising thinking, and when people catastrophise they are walking a fine line into a victim mentality.

Negative thinking poisons the mind. It’s a luxury few can afford.

The good (positive!) news is that you can change your mental attitude to life. You can, literally, rewire your brain so that it becomes a positive thinking machine.

This takes awareness of course, and a willingness to admit that your negative thinking isn’t actually serving you. You may feel that your ‘realistic’ view on life is keeping you safe, but it’s actually stopping you from living a fully expansive life where you become who you were born to be.

Negative thinking comes in many guises; from that terrible inner critic that has a negative running commentary on almost everything you do and say (not only about present events, but also about past events).

You may find yourself critical of others, judging them or speaking ill of them. You may be drawn to drama; other people’s drama, and even subconsciously, creating your own drama with friends and family or online acquaintances.

Negativity can also stem from blaming others, getting frustrated with their choices and actions or feeling annoyed that they aren’t doing what you want them to do.

Understand this – YOU ARE GIVING YOUR POWER AWAY to these negative habits.

Your words are powerful. They are filled with intent. When you speak your subconscious is listening to you, and it will OBEY your every word, positive or negative and then shape your reality.

So if you have a fatalistic train of thought that nothing works out, nobody loves you, you will never make any more or that people will always hurt you, your subconscious will process that and you will see the evidence of that, thus confirming your negative thought and so on. Thankfully this works with positive thinking as well!

I’m not saying that life is all rainbows and unicorns (though sometimes it is), but there is a way to think, act and LIVE in an EMPOWERED way.

So, a challenging question to ask yourself today is how is your negative thinking holding you back in life?

What negative thoughts and habits do you entertain on a daily basis?

What would happen, having identified those negative patterns in your life, if you decided to replace those thoughts and habits with new ones?

Do you think that your life would look and feel different within hours, days, weeks, months and years?

If you would like my help and support in letting go of the negative habits that are holding you back then let’s work together for a month to retrain your mind and create a NEW more empowered life that is aligned with your goals, purpose and vision. Contact me today.

Believe more is possible,

There Is A Cost To Negative Thinking

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