Living A Life Of Purpose

Living A Life Of Purpose

When you are connected to your purpose, life vibes in a whole different way.

I remember the times, when day after day, I would go into my 9-5 corporate work and little by little my soul was eroded. I felt a faint tug in my heart that there MUST be something more available to me, but the bigger picture was yet to be revealed.

It was only after years of depression and one of pivotal days where I hit a further depth of rock bottom that I was able to make my first (and you could say biggest) break for freedom and within hours I had walked out of that 9-5 job.

I was liberated!
The years of depression? GONE.
I was scared
I hadn’t got a plan but I KNEW that spending one more day doing something that almost literally sucked the life out of me was too great a price to pay!

I made so many changes that year.
I broke up with my fiancé and he moved out.
I sold my house and moved to a new area.
I qualified as a life coach.
I went travelling around America for a couple of months on my own.

That really marked the beginning of my life of freedom.

From that point around 16 years ago I have changed and grown so much and the more I step towards my truth and my reason for being here the more it is revealed to me.

Is it always an easy journey? Nope!
Is it worth it? HELL YES.

One of the reasons I’m here is to help women who seek freedom with their life’s work and who have a vision for their life that is bigger than where they are right now. I know exactly how it feels to be given a Big Vision.

In creating a life of freedom and alignment there comes change. There HAS to be change. You can’t become the person you are born to be by staying the person you are now.

There needs to be a letting go, the death of a million little things and some very big things too.

Letting go of that which no longer serves you, and even the people who are no longer part of your next chapter, is to be seen as a positive and I want you to know that there is no fear to be had in letting go for your greater good, for your purpose and in turn for the good of others.

Believe more is possible,


If you would like to work with me in stripping away old stories and beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your next level, then reach out to me today and let’s talk about how I can help you.

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Living A Life Of Purpose

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