How To Remove Your Money Blocks

How To Remove Your Money Blocks

Isn’t it time you said GOODBYE to your money blocks and started to call in a happy, healthy mindset about money, expansion and abundance.

I’m going to share a powerful action I’ve taken in my life and business that has helped me, and my clients, move from restriction and fear around money to having confidence and alignment with the money that we are calling into our life.

It’s time to look at the root of your money blocks and to weed them out once and for all so financial abundance can grow and so you can upgrade your money mindset and experience more freedom in your life aligned with your purpose.
The first thing that I want you to be mindful of is that any belief you have is just a story…

It’s just a story you’ve created based on your experiences and what OTHER PEOPLE have shown you. That could be from your family, teachers, the media, friends…

A mentor once shared this with me when I was feeling stuck and frustrated because of my beliefs about money. Ask yourself Is that true? And, is that true for me?

You MUST challenge your thinking and that inner critic that doesn’t support you.

NEXT: Identify Your Blocks.

What comes up? Until you sit down and consciously do this work then nothing will change. And it could be that once you really start focusing your mind on removing your blocks you might have more than you realised at first. And that’s OK, you’ve got to bring them out into the light so you can remove them.

I remember when I was about 13 an aunt had been on holiday in America. She was telling my parents about it and I clearly remember her saying that (Americans) worship money and I could tell she disapproved. So there, in that instance, I bought into HER belief that it was wrong to focus on money – that it was a bad thing and that became a part of my money wiring. I’ve got SO many experiences like that I could tell you. THAT’s just one example of how a money belief can be created.

Can you think of how many NEGATIVE messages YOU have heard over your lifetime?

Perhaps there simply wasn’t enough to go around when you were growing up. Maybe you had to share with your siblings, or perhaps you had to go without.

Maybe you believe that the only way you can have money is if someone else has to lose out in some way – Remember, the more money you have the more you have to share and the better it is for not only you but the people around you and society as a whole.

You could have a fear of money getting stolen, taken away, or lost once you’ve got a large amount of it. Or that there just simply isn’t enough money in the world for you.

Perhaps you equate people who have money as ‘bad’ but there’s some sort of nobleness to stay in a life of lack and struggle

You might get embarrassed even talking about the subject of money and have a freeze response – I truly believe that we can experience trauma and ptsd around money and I’ll be talking more about that.

A block could be that you simply haven’t access the right knowledge that you need about finances. Knowledge is power. The good news is that the knowledge gap can be resolved easily through reading, and if you want some book recommendations there’s a link to some of my recommended titles.

You can also find some of my money courses like this one (on sale now)

Your past doesn’t equate to the future and it’s very important to remember that you are POWERFUL being with UNLIMITED UNTAPPED potential to create the life that you see in your visions.

So how to start dissolving these beliefs.

Identify. Dissolve. REWRITE

One you have identified a block that is holding you back, you are going to recode your mind in a very practical and effective way.

Write down all the money blocks you have identified around money

Write out your NEW story.

Here’s an example from my own journaling around this
1. People may be jealous if I am too well off financially
2. My friends are HAPPY & EXCITED and will support me and celebrate my success. My financial success will inspire them in creating a life of abundance.

And then the all important cherry on top is to take POSITIVE Action. As someone who is choosing to operate from a place of abundance, what’s the ONE positive action you will take today? Feel free to share it in the comments below so you can spread the abundance and inspire others.

Say goodbye to your money blocks today. You are filled with infinite potential and there is nothing or no-one stopping you from creating the vision you see for your life.

If you would like my personal support you can book a private 1:1 call with me here

Believe more is possible,


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