4 smart moves I made in business

4 smart moves I made in business

Hello Video!

Hello Video 2014

In 2013 I’ve focused on video more than any other year by making an accompanying video with nearly every blog post and I’ve used video to make announcements about courses and workshops and well get some video testimonials too.

I started the year with Q&A videos. So, I took a question I may have been emailed, or tweeted, and made it into a video. Rather than just answering that one person privately, by answering publicly I was able give the answer to that question to more than one person.

As we know, the web is getting more and more visual and video is essential to online marketing now. It’s great for allowing people to get to know you! They can check you out, see if they like you, or not and see if you are a good fit for who they are looking to work with.

In terms of making it part of my blogging activity, it does require more time and effort of course, so there is that side to factor in, and on that note I’m going to do some ‘batch’ recording and blogging this year instead of blogging and videoing as I go along. But making videos is definitely time well spent and some great work opportunities have come out of using video, so I recommend it for you too!

Webinar Land!

Webinar Land jpg

Since about March I’ve been playing around with webinars, and trying out different platforms and just inviting a few people along whilst I practice.

I’ve gone for Meeting Burner Premier (affiliate)

By running my webinar trials I’ve found them a great way to share information and hold virtual courses and I’m going to make webinars a much bigger part of my practice in 2014.

Oh, and before I forget, make sure you register for my newsletter so you don’t miss out on some of the free training that I’m going to be hosting via webinar!

Nutty About Newsletters


This is a biggie! And it’s one of the things I wished I’d paid more attention to when I first started. Hey ho! You live and learn. If I can recommend you start doing one thing this year, it’s creating a newsletter.

Here are just a few of the reasons I started my newsletter.

  • Some people simply prefer to be kept up to date with news via email
  • I love to give my fab newsletter members special offers and gifts that I don’t give anywhere else, just to say ‘thank you!’
  • Because members have opted-in to receive news, I know that people want to keep up to date with news and views and hints and tips

There are so many reasons why you should start a newsletter in 2014 and make it part of your online marketing activity.

When I look back on this post when I first started using Mailchimp I can see how far I’ve come and how much I’ve learnt. In fact, watch this space as I may be doing a workshop about newsletters in the next few months!

In fact, better still, become a newsletter member and make sure you don’t miss a thing!

Birmingham Social Media Cafe School (for daring entrepreneurs!)

BSMC School

Last but not least, I’ve made an extension to Birmingham Social Media Cafe and launch BSMC School (for daring entrepreneurs!). This is a half-day business or social media based workshop that I hold in the afternoon of the last Friday of every month.

This was something I had been thinking about for 6 months or so, and I did that ‘waiting for the right time’ thing and then remembered there was never a perfect time and you just have to launch something and and DO IT! It’s the only way of starting sometimes!

And if you would like to be kept up to date with BSMC and BSMC School, there’s a newsletter for that too! 🙂

What did you introduce to you business or social media activities in 2013 that you are going to keep going in 2014?!

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