How to position yourself for success in your industry

How to position yourself for success in your industry

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Where you do see yourself in your industry?

Do you see yourself at the top of your game? As the the go­-to expert in your field? The thought leader?

You have to prepare now for wherever you want to go.

There will ALWAYS be people that know more than us and have greater skills. But remember that YOU will always know more and have greater skills than someone else. Do not underestimate what you do know and how valuable that knowledge is to someone else.

Think about your position in your marketplace.

Where do you see yourself?

You need to think about this when you are setting yourself up for success because this is going to be vital to you, your business and how your customers and clients perceive you.

Think about the leaders in your industry.

What sets them apart? What are they doing or saying? How do they behave? What qualities do you admire?

I'm not saying copy them by any means. But certainly observe them, keep up to date with what they are doing and saying and get inspired by them. We all need role models!

Just as you view these industry experts, so other people will view you.

Think about how you are going to position yourself.

Are you going to be McDonalds or the Ritz? Both are really successful but how they position themselves and who they serve are completely different.

This will define who you are and how you compare to others in your industry.

What’s unique about you? It won’t serve you to play it small. You will need to claim it and make yourself an attractive proposition to your IDEAL clients.

How are you going to stand out?

One of the ways you can stand out is to be absolutley, 100% you in your business. Pour YOU into everything that you do. Don't try and appeal to the masses. You can't and you won't.

One of the best things you can do, and it may sound obvious, (but it's surprising at how few do it!), and that’s to know your business inside and out and then stamp it with brand YOU.

Then you can confidently and boldly claim your position in your industry.

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