Don’t worry about other people!

Don't worry about other people!

You’re on a mission. You have a business to run. You have goals you’ve set and you want to achieve. You’ve got clients to help. You’ve got a world to change. Whew! That’s enough to keep anyone busy, and I’d likely be right to say you haven’t got much time to waste!

When you are on this journey of entrepreneurship there are going to be a LOT of distractions; one of the main distractions is going to be Other People.

Don’t worry about Other People!

Don’t worry about what they say.
Don’t worry about what they do.
Don’t worry about what they charge.
Don’t worry about how they act.
Don’t worry about their clients.
Don’t worry about their newsletters.
Don’t worry about the words they use.
Don’t worry about their actions.
Don’t worry about one little thing that they are doing.

Who should you pay attention to then?

The leaders that are getting on with business and can teach you something.
The leaders you admire and raise you up.
The leaders whose message and words empower, inspire, motivate and that you can relate to.
The leaders that are trailing a blaze and whose energy you love.

You don’t see or hear the great leaders of the world find fault in what other people are doing or how they are doing it! They don’t look left or right. That’s one of the reasons they are the great leaders. They concentrate on what THEY have got to do and don’t concern themselves with the doings of others.

If someone openly criticises you, defend yourself, take a stand, take legal action, do what you have to do, but DON’T be in the instigator of criticism whether it’s directly to the person when they haven’t asked for it, or if you do it without their knowledge. Just don’t.

Don’t be the person who puts other people down, even if that criticism is thinly disguised as something else. It’s unseemly, unjustified, it shows YOU in a negative light and when you voice your fault findings you attract negative energy around you as other hop on the soap box.

We are all on our own journeys and each and every one of those journeys will be different. Let the doers get on with it, they’ve got work to do and it doesn’t behoove you to sit on the sideline passing judgement and criticism. YOU’ve got work to do too!

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