The Character Of Leaders

The Character Of Leaders

So many people are trying to lead today who haven’t fully developed their character.

How can you tell who has developed the character and skills needed to lead?

Perspective for one. They have a world perspective not the perspective of someone who can only see what is right in front of them.

How they respond to what’s happening around them is another. Do they spend time and valuable energy reacting to everything that’s going on around them, everything that is being said, every pull for their attention and and time? No. They know what they are here to do, they know how they can help people, they know what matters and what doesn’t and they complete their days and their mission in control of what’s important.

When it comes to leadership it’s not what you’ve got that matters it’s the person you are, but sometimes the stuff that matters gets buried under all the shiny shop fronts.

It’s not about the plastic facades, it’s about the inner resources of the leader. It’s what they have inside of them and their ability to inspire and motivate that makes them worthy lead others.

They don’t take notice of the gawkers, the watchers or the critics.

They don’t follow a pied piper, being led here and there as the tune changes. Instead they follow the tune that is within. Surely and steadfastly.


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