Free Yourself Of Undesired Influence – Be All That You Can Be

Free Yourself Of Undesired Influence - Be All That You Can Be

You can be the way you want to be now.

Very often, and often very subconsciously we model the behaviour and beliefs of our parents and the people around us, but when was the last time you challenged this and asked if these people are the best influences in your life?

You have the right to be the way YOU want to be; the way you were BORN to be.

It’s absolutely possible to be free of unwanted influences from your parents, or the people you currently have around you.

Other people’s influence can hold you back from becoming the person YOU were born to be. You can make changes now to become free of their attitudes and beliefs and enter the brave new world of expanding into the fullest version of yourself.

The thing that holds many people back is that there is this feeling that they need someone else’s approval to live their life. Do you ever feel like that?

We become so conditioned by seeking our parents or carers approval, our boss’s approval, our partner’s or friend’s approval, or even society’s approval that we actually forget that the ONLY approval we need is our OWN approval.

Now, this transition will take a strong sense of self. You must develope a deep connection with your sovereignty, who you are and what you stand for. You have to be rooted in your relationship with yourself, otherwise it’s too easy to get blown around by other people’s beliefs about how YOU should live your life.

It’s totally possible to let go of these societal and social obligations to follow the herd and these obligations fall away like an old coat that no longer fits you so that you can step forward as the true version of yourself.

Let go of the need for approval that you think keeps you safe and secure and find out who you truly are without the limitations imposed by others in their thoughts, words and deeds.

I want you to think about 3 things you can change in your life right now to bring you closer to you living a life aligned with who you truly are.

This may feel like quite a challenge but I want you to know that you can trust yourself. It’s safe for you to be you in this world and in your life.

You have to integrate all of YOU into YOUR life and you can begin that process right now, today.

If you would like my help to transform into the fullest version of yourself, where you shed old beliefs and influences and you connect with the very essence of you, then reach out to me today and let’s talk about ways I can help you.

Believe more is possible,

Free Yourself Of Undesired Influence - Be All That You Can Be

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